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Nordic Kayaks is a Swedish company, dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of state-of-the-art sit on top surfski kayaks and sit on top touring kayaks. 
In 2014 Nordic Kayaks is adding 3 more designs to it's range of surfski kayaks. 
The Squall, Storm and Nitro+. 
What often sets one surfski apart from others are the small details. 
The delicate balance between rocker and volume distribution can make one hull a dream on large waves and another a monster. 
The exact position of seat and rudder can give you total control in one surfski, while in another you have to fight for it. 
We spent a lot of time calculating, testing and fine tuning this - millimetre by millimetre. This is why you will find a Nordic Kayaks surfski a reliable performer in all conditions. 
Cockpit comfort is another core variable in the surfski experience. A slightly raised, carefully tilted seat with a good lower back support, combined with shorter and lower knee hump means an upright aggressive position for racing and relaxed long distance comfort when touring. 
The pedal system with self adjusting rudder lines will fit paddlers from 160cm to 200cm. ( 5ft 2" to 6ft 5" ) 
The bailer is operated by hand and drains the cockpit in an extremely short time, whilst incorporating a back-valve stopping water from entering the cockpit when stopped or going backwards. 
All Nordic Kayaks are designed to be fitted with an aft-mounted kick up rudder. 
Switching from a under hull rudder to a kick-up rudder only takes a couple of minutes and is very easy. 

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